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Antoine de la Mothe
[ahn-twan duh la mawt] /ɑ̃ˈtwan də la ˈmɔt/ (Show IPA), 1657?–1730, French colonial governor in North America: founder of Detroit.
a city in NW Michigan.
Contemporary Examples

By the way, a mint condition 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible can now sell for as much as $350,000.
Nationalism on Four Wheels Clive Irving October 17, 2014

I think Cadillac Man is literally one of the first R-rated movies I saw.
Lori Petty on ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ the Halcyon ‘90s, and Discovering Jennifer Lawrence Marlow Stern June 7, 2014

Cadillac Records just might put Martin on the shortlist of both influential female and African-American filmmakers working today.
Beyonce Meets Etta Rachel Syme December 8, 2008

There will also be a tax on so-called Cadillac care, or insurance plans that cost $25,000 or more.
Obama the Silent Tax Cutter Eleanor Clift September 11, 2011

Can the new guys at Cadillac pull off the same trick—reassert the core American appeal of the brand?
Nationalism on Four Wheels Clive Irving October 17, 2014

Historical Examples

Cadillac had asked for five or six families as the modest beginning of a settlement; but not one had appeared.
A Half Century of Conflict – Volume I Francis Parkman

The Cadillac hit the embankment, flipped over the edge, and smashed.
Out Like a Light Gordon Randall Garrett

There, right on the first page, was a carefully detailed drawing of a 1972 Cadillac.
Out Like a Light Gordon Randall Garrett

The fire did destroy a lot of the Cadillac, and there’s just no telling.
Out Like a Light Gordon Randall Garrett

This is a 1956 Cadillac, four-door touring car with the top down.
Warren Commission (2 of 26): Hearings Vol. II (of 15) The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy


Cadillac Automobile Company, established in 1902 by Detroit engine-maker Henry Martyn Leland and named for Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac (1658-1730), French minor aristocrat and colonial governor who founded Detroit in 1701.


: It’s Cadillac all the way. It’s a Cadillac operation


An ounce of heroin (1950s+ Narcotics)
The best of its kind; standard of excellence; paragon: Republicans call New York the Cadillac of welfare states/ Revos are the Cadillac of sunglasses


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