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a cell with mercury and cadmium electrodes in a cadmium sulfate electrolyte, used to supply an accurate voltage for electronic measurements.
a photocell with a cadmium electrode that is especially sensitive to ultraviolet radiation
a former name for Weston standard cell


Read Also:

  • Cadmium-green

    a pigment used in painting, consisting of a mixture of hydrated oxide of chromium with cadmium sulfide, and characterized by its strong green color and slow drying rate.

  • Cadmium-orange

    a yellow color approaching orange.

  • Cadmium-red

    a pigment used in painting, consisting of the sulfide and the selinide of cadmium, characterized by its strong red or reddish color, excellent film-forming properties, and slow drying rate.

  • Cadmium-sulfate

    a water-soluble compound, CdSO 4 , of colorless crystals, used as an antiseptic.

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