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a boxlike enclosure having wires, bars, or the like, for confining and displaying birds or animals.
anything that confines or imprisons; prison.
something resembling a cage in structure, as for a cashier or bank teller.
the car or enclosed platform of an elevator.
Mining. an enclosed platform for raising and lowering people and cars in a mine shaft.
any skeleton framework.
Baseball. a movable backstop for use mainly in batting practice.
a frame with a net attached to it, forming the goal in ice hockey and field hockey.
Basketball Older Use. the basket.
a loose, sheer or lacy overdress worn with a slip or a close-fitting dress.
Ordnance. a steel framework for supporting guns.
Machinery, retainer1 (def 3).
to put or confine in or as if in a cage.
Sports. to shoot (as a puck) into a cage so as to score a goal.
John, 1912–1992, U.S. composer.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

The Nursery, March 1873, Vol. XIII. Various
The Secret Agent Joseph Conrad
Gorillas & Chimpanzees R. L. Garner
Fair Margaret H. Rider Haggard
Mopsa the Fairy Jean Ingelow


an enclosure, usually made with bars or wire, for keeping birds, monkeys, mice, etc
(as modifier): cagebird

a thing or place that confines or imprisons
something resembling a cage in function or structure: the rib cage
the enclosed platform of a lift, esp as used in a mine
(engineering) a skeleton ring device that ensures that the correct amount of space is maintained between the individual rollers or balls in a rolling bearing
(informal) the basket used in basketball
(informal) the goal in ice hockey
(US) a steel framework on which guns are supported
(informal) rattle someone’s cage, to upset or anger someone
(transitive) to confine in or as in a cage
John. 1912–92, US composer of experimental music for a variety of conventional, modified, or invented instruments. He evolved a type of music apparently undetermined by the composer, such as in Imaginary Landscape (1951) for 12 radio sets. Other works include Reunion (1968), Apartment Building 1776 (1976), and Europeras 3 and 4 (1990)

A prison (1630s+)
A car or van: The cage behind me bleated its horn (1970s+ Motorcyclists)
A basketball basket or net (1920s+ Sports)
Basketball (1920s+ Sports)

: The punk concealed a genuine terror of being caged


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