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Bookbinding. a number of sheets of paper or leaves of a book placed together, as for binding.
a report of the proceedings of any body:
A cahier of the committee was presented to the legislature.
(italics) French.

notebook; exercise book; journal.
paperback book.

Contemporary Examples

Washington Post on Hagel Michael Tomasky December 18, 2012

Historical Examples

The Life of Joan of Arc, Vol. 1 and 2 (of 2) Anatole France
The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizens Georg Jellinek
History of the Jews, Vol. V (of 6) Heinrich Graetz
Egoists James Huneker
Rough-Hewn Dorothy Canfield
Rough-Hewn Dorothy Canfield
The Operatic Problem William Johnson Galloway
Donahoe’s Magazine, Volume XV, No. 3 Various
The Operatic Problem William Johnson Galloway

a notebook
a written or printed report, esp of the proceedings of a meeting


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