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a city in and the capital of Egypt, in the N part on the E bank of the Nile.
Arab Republic of. a republic in NE Africa. 386,198 sq. mi. (1,000,252 sq. km).
Capital: Cairo.
Formerly (1958–71) United Arab Republic.
an ancient kingdom in NE Africa: divided into the Nile Delta (Lower Egypt) and the area from Cairo S to the Sudan (Upper Egypt)
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the capital of Egypt, on the Nile: the largest city in Africa and in the Middle East; industrial centre; site of the university and mosque of Al Azhar (founded in 972). Pop: 11 146 000 (2005 est) Arabic name El Qahira (ɛl ˈkahiːrɔ)
a republic in NE Africa, on the Mediterranean and Red Sea: its history dates back about 5000 years. Occupied by the British from 1882, it became an independent kingdom in 1922 and a republic in 1953. Over 96 per cent of the total area is desert, with the chief areas of habitation and cultivation in the Nile delta and valley. Cotton is the main export. Official language: Arabic. Official religion: Muslim; Sunni majority. Currency: pound. Capital: Cairo. Pop: 85 294 388 (2013 est). Area: 997 739 sq km (385 229 sq miles) Official name Arab Republic of Egypt Former official name (1958–71) United Arab Republic
Cairo [(keye-roh)]

Note: Cairo, the historical center of Egyptian power, was the home of the pharaohs. The pyramids and the Sphinx are located nearby in suburban Giza, also known as Al Jizah.

Note: Egypt is the site of one of man’s earliest civilizations, which flourished from about 3100 b.c. to 30 b.c., when it became part of the Roman Empire. Many ancient works of art and architecture survive, including the pyramids and the Sphinx.

Note: Egypt was the first Arab nation to make peace with Israel (see Arab-Israeli conflict), a feat accomplished after Egyptian President Anwar Sadat traveled to Israel in 1977 to meet Prime Minister Menachem Begin. Sadat was later assassinated by Muslim extremists.


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