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(formerly) a promenade or march, of black American origin, in which the couples with the most intricate or eccentric steps received cakes as prizes.
a dance with a strutting step based on this promenade.
music for this dance.
Informal. something easy, sure, or certain.
to walk or dance in or as if in a cakewalk.
Contemporary Examples

Earth to DNC: Dyspeptic Dad Still Votes, Too Lloyd Green November 10, 2014
Earth to DNC: Dyspeptic Dad Still Votes, Too Lloyd Green November 10, 2014
Bring It On! Team USA Progresses to Round 2 Tunku Varadarajan June 25, 2014
Ad’s Message to Moms: If You Don’t Think Parenting Sucks, You’re Doing it Wrong Andy Hinds April 17, 2014
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Historical Examples

A Good Samaritan Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews
Franz Liszt James Huneker
London’s Underworld Thomas Holmes
Dimbie and I–and Amelia Mabel Barnes-Grundy
The Outdoor Girls in the Saddle Laura Lee Hope

a dance based on a march with intricate steps, originally performed by African-Americans with the prize of a cake for the best performers
a piece of music composed for this dance
(informal) an easily accomplished task
(intransitive) to perform the cakewalk


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