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a gray-black, often lumpy powder, CaCN 2 , unstable in water, obtained by heating calcium carbide and nitrogen; cyanamide: used chiefly as a fertilizer, herbicide, and intermediate in the synthesis of nitrogen compounds.
a white crystalline compound formed by heating calcium carbide with nitrogen. It is important in the fixation of nitrogen and can be hydrolysed to ammonia or used as a fertilizer. Formula: CaCN2


Read Also:

  • Calcium-cyanide

    a white or grayish-black compound, Ca(CN) 2, used as an insecticide and rodent poison.

  • Calcium-cyclamate

    calcium cyclamate

  • Calcium-fluoride

    a white, crystalline compound, CaF 2 , insoluble in water, occurring in nature as the mineral fluorite: used as a flux in metallurgy and as a decay preventive in dentifrices.

  • Calcium-gluconate

    a white, tasteless, water-soluble powder, CaC 12 H 22 O 14 , used as a dietary supplement to provide calcium.

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