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a person who calculates or computes.
Also called calculating machine. a small electronic or mechanical device that performs calculations, requiring manual action for each individual opertion.
a person who operates such a machine.
a set of tables that facilitates calculation.
Contemporary Examples

Is the Internet Making Us Forgetful? Michael S. Malone’s ‘The Guardian of All Things’ Austen Rosenfeld August 24, 2012
The Google Killer Nicholas Ciarelli May 7, 2009
Up to Speed: The Cholesterol Mess Kent Sepkowitz November 18, 2013
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At Davos 2014, The Gods Of Mischief Rule Christopher Dickey January 20, 2014

Historical Examples

Triplanetary Edward Elmer Smith
Spacehounds of IPC Edward Elmer Smith
The Chainbearer J. Fenimore Cooper
Unwise Child Gordon Randall Garrett
Fee of the Frontier Horace Brown Fyfe

a device for performing mathematical calculations, esp an electronic device that can be held in the hand
a person or thing that calculates
a set of tables used as an aid to calculations

Electronic calculator uses 18,000 tubes to solve complex problems [“Scientific American” headline, June 1946]


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