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a seaport in and the capital of West Bengal state, in E India, on the Hooghly River: former capital of British India.
(sometimes lowercase). Also called Calcutta pool. a form of betting pool for a competition or tournament, as golf or auto racing, in which gamblers bid for participating contestants in an auction, the proceeds from which are put into a pool for distribution, according to a prearranged scale of percentages, to those who selected winners.
a state in E India: formerly part of the province of Bengal. 33,805 sq. mi. (87,555 sq. km).
Capital: Calcutta.
Compare Bengal (def 1).
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the former official name (still widely used) of Kolkata
a state of E India, on the Bay of Bengal: formed in 1947 from the Hindu area of Bengal; additional territories added in 1950 (Cooch Behar), 1954 (Chandernagor), and 1956 (part of Bihar); mostly low-lying and crossed by the Hooghly River. Capital: Kolkata (Calcutta). Pop: 80 221 171 (2001). Area: 88 752 sq km (34 260 sq miles)

Note: Calcutta is one of the largest cities in the world and suffers from poverty, overcrowding, and unemployment.


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