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a table or register with the days of each month and week in a year:
He marked the date on his calendar.
any of various systems of reckoning time, especially with reference to the beginning, length, and divisions of the year.
Compare Chinese calendar, Gregorian calendar, Hindu calendar, Jewish calendar, Julian calendar, Muslim calendar.
a list or register, especially one arranged chronologically, as of appointments, work to be done, or cases to be tried in a court.
a list, in the order to be considered, of bills, resolutions, etc., brought before a legislative body.
Obsolete. a guide or example.
to enter in a calendar; register.
Historical Examples

A Possible Solution of the Number Series on Pages 51 to 58 of the Dresden Codex Carl E. Guthe
The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria Morris Jastrow
The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria Morris Jastrow
The World’s Progress, Vol. I (of X) Various
The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria Morris Jastrow

a system for determining the beginning, length, and order of years and their divisions See also Gregorian calendar, Jewish calendar, Julian calendar, Revolutionary calendar, Roman calendar
a table showing any such arrangement, esp as applied to one or more successive years
a list, register, or schedule of social events, pending court cases, appointments, etc
(transitive) to enter in a calendar; schedule; register


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