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call someone pisher


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  • Tune

    a succession of musical sounds forming an air or melody, with or without the harmony accompanying it. a musical setting of a hymn, poem, psalm, etc., usually in four-part harmony. the state of being in the proper pitch: to be in tune. agreement in pitch; unison; harmony. proper adjustment, as of radio instruments or circuits […]

  • Call-to-mind

    Remember, recall, as in I’ve tried but I can’t call his name to mind. This idiom was first recorded in 1472.

  • Call-unix

    call unix communications, tool (cu) The original Unix virtual terminal utility. cu allows a user on one computer to log in to another connected via Ethernet, direct serial line or modem. It shares some configuration files with UUCP in order to be able to use the same connections without conflict. Unix manual page: cu(1). (1997-12-01)

  • Call-up

    an order to report for active military service. the number of persons drafted during a specific period of time: The November call-up was set at 15,000. a call or urging to service. Contemporary Examples IDF Budget Cuts Are An Opportunity In Disguise Yaakov Katz June 9, 2013

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