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Historical Examples

Erewhon Samuel Butler
The Ocean Wireless Boys on the Pacific Wilbur Lawton


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  • Caller

    a person or thing that calls. a person who makes a short visit. Dance. a person who directs the movements of dancers, as at a hoedown or square dance, by calling out the successive figures as the music plays. (of fruit, fish, vegetables, etc.) fresh; recently picked or caught. refreshing. Contemporary Examples The Election Has […]

  • Caller-id

    a telephone service that allows a subscriber to identify a caller before answering by displaying the caller’s telephone number on a small screen.

  • Calles

    Plutarco Elías [ploo-tahr-kaw e-lee-ahs] /pluˈtɑr kɔ ɛˈli ɑs/ (Show IPA), 1877–1945, Mexican general and statesman: president of Mexico 1924–28. Historical Examples A Waif of the Plains Bret Harte Romantic Spain John Augustus O’Shea The Pirates’ Who’s Who Philip Gosse The History of the Great and Mighty Kingdom of China and the Situation Thereof, Volume I […]

  • Calli

    a combining form meaning “beautiful,” occurring in loanwords from Greek (calligraphy); on this model, used in the formation of compound words (callisthenics). Historical Examples Yolanda: Maid of Burgundy Charles Major The Prehistoric World E. A. Allen The Trapper’s Daughter Gustave Aimard The White Scalper Gustave Aimard Yolanda: Maid of Burgundy Charles Major Yolanda: Maid of […]

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