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John (Jean Chauvin or Caulvin) 1509–64, French theologian and reformer in Switzerland: leader in the Protestant Reformation.
Melvin, 1911–97, U.S. chemist: Nobel Prize 1961.
a male given name: from a Latin word meaning “bald.”.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

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John,original name Jean Cauvin, Caulvin, or Chauvin. 1509–64, French theologian: a leader of the Protestant Reformation in France and Switzerland, establishing the first presbyterian government in Geneva. His theological system is described in his Institutes of the Christian Religion (1536)
Melvin. 1911–97, US chemist, noted particularly for his research on photosynthesis: Nobel prize for chemistry 1961
American chemist who won a Nobel Prize in 1961 for determining the chemical reactions that occur during photosynthesis. This series of reactions is now known as the Calvin cycle.


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