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either of two large, humped, ruminant quadrupeds of the genus Camelus, of the Old World.
Compare Bactrian camel, dromedary.
a color ranging from yellowish tan to yellowish brown.
Also called camel spin. Skating. a spin done in an arabesque position.

Also called pontoon. a float for lifting a deeply laden vessel sufficiently to allow it to cross an area of shallow water.
a float serving as a fender between a vessel and a pier or the like.
caisson (def 3a).

Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

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either of two cud-chewing artiodactyl mammals of the genus Camelus: family Camelidae. They are adapted for surviving long periods without food or water in desert regions, esp by using humps on the back for storing fat See Arabian camel, Bactrian camel
a float attached to a vessel to increase its buoyancy See also caisson (sense 3)
a raft or float used as a fender between a vessel and a wharf

a fawn colour
(as adjective): a camel dress


see under last straw


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