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camelot library


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    a mellow, soft cheese, the center of which is creamy and of a golden cream color, made from cow’s milk. Contemporary Examples A Homeless Family’s European Trip Eric Pape August 21, 2009 Historical Examples Working With the Working Woman Cornelia Stratton Parker Terribly Intimate Portraits Nol Coward Outlines of dairy bacteriology H. L. Russell The […]

  • Camenae

    four wise and prophetic deities or fountain nymphs: Carmenta, Egeria, Antevorta, and Postvorta; later identified with the Greek Muses. plural noun (Roman myth) a group of nymphs originally associated with a sacred spring in Rome, later identified with the Greek Muses

  • Cameo

    a technique of engraving upon a gem or other stone, as onyx, in such a way that an underlying stone of one color is exposed as a background for a low-relief design of another color. a gem or other stone so engraved. a literary sketch, small dramatic scene, or the like, that effectively presents or […]

  • Cameo-glass

    an ornamental glass in which two layers, often blue and opaque white, have been cased, and on which the design has been treated in the manner of a cameo.

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