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  • Camerlengo

    the cardinal appointed treasurer of the Holy See, who, upon the death of the pope, presides over the conclave that elects the new pope. noun (pl) -gos (RC Church) a cardinal who acts as the pope’s financial secretary and the papal treasurer n.

  • Cameron

    Julia Margaret, 1815–79, English photographer, born in India. Richard, 1648?–80, Scottish Covenanter. Mount, a mountain in central Colorado, in the Park Range of the Rocky Mountains. 14,238 feet (4342 meters). Contemporary Examples Scots Must Choose Heart or Head Nico Hines September 17, 2014 10 Truths About the British Vote Tunku Varadarajan May 4, 2010 Anarchy […]

  • Cameroon

    Also, Cameroun. Official name United Republic of Cameroon. an independent republic in W Africa: formed 1960 by the French trusteeship of Cameroun; Southern Cameroons incorporated as a self-governing province 1961. 183,350 sq. mi. (474,877 sq. km). Capital: Yaoundé. an active volcano in W Cameroon: highest peak on the coast of W Africa. 13,370 feet (4075 […]

  • Cameroons

    German Kamerun. a region in W Africa: a German protectorate 1884–1919; divided in 1919 into British and French mandates. Also called British Cameroons. the NW part of this region: a British mandate 1919–46 and trusteeship 1946–61; by a 1961 plebiscite the S part (Southern Cameroons) joined the United Republic of Cameroon and the N part […]

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