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a secret society of Naples, Italy, first publicly known about 1820, that developed into a powerful political organization and was later associated with blackmail, robbery, etc., until its destruction in 1911.
(lowercase) any similar society or group.
Contemporary Examples

Martin Scorsese on a New Film That Reinvents the Mob Movie Rachel Syme October 12, 2008
Early Christmas for Amanda Knox Barbie Latza Nadeau December 17, 2010

Historical Examples

Courts and Criminals Arthur Train
The Shame of Motley Raphael Sabatini
“Persons Unknown” Virginia Tracy
My Life Josiah Flynt
“Persons Unknown” Virginia Tracy
The Mark of Cain Carolyn Wells
The Positive School of Criminology Enrico Ferri
The Criminal Havelock Ellis

a secret society organized in about 1820 in Naples, which thrives on blackmail and extortion
any similar clandestine group


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