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a place where an army or other group of persons or an individual is lodged in a tent or tents or other temporary means of shelter.
such tents or shelters collectively:
The regiment transported its camp in trucks.
the persons so sheltered:
The camp slept through the storm.
the act of camping out:
Camp is far more pleasant in summer than in winter.
any temporary structure, as a tent or cabin, used on an outing or vacation.
a group of troops, workers, etc., camping and moving together.
army life.
a group of people favoring the same ideals, doctrines, etc.:
Most American voters are divided into two camps, Republicans and Democrats.
any position in which ideals, doctrines, etc., are strongly entrenched:
After considering the other side’s argument, he changed camps.
a recreation area in the country, equipped with extensive facilities for sports.
day camp.
summer camp.
to establish or pitch a camp:
The army camped in the valley.
to live temporarily in or as if in a camp or outdoors, usually for recreation (often followed by out):
They camped by the stream for a week.
to reside or lodge somewhere temporarily or irregularly, especially in an apartment, room, etc.:
They camped in our apartment whenever they came to town.
to settle down securely and comfortably; become ensconced:
The kids camped on our porch until the rain stopped.
to take up a position stubbornly:
They camped in front of the president’s office.
to put or station (troops) in a camp; shelter.
something that provides sophisticated, knowing amusement, as by virtue of its being artlessly mannered or stylized, self-consciously artificial and extravagant, or teasingly ingenuous and sentimental.
a person who adopts a teasing, theatrical manner, especially for the amusement of others.
Also, camp it up. to speak or behave in a coquettishly playful or extravagantly theatrical manner.
camp Hollywood musicals of the 1940s.
Walter Chauncey
[chawn-see,, chahn-] /ˈtʃɔn si,, ˈtʃɑn-/ (Show IPA), 1859–1925, U.S. football coach and author.
cyclic AMP.
Contemporary Examples

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Pregnant Women Flee Syria Sophia Jones, Erin Banco April 16, 2012
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Historical Examples

The Mountain Divide Frank H. Spearman
Explorations in Australia John Forrest
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 58, Number 360, October 1845 Various
Explorations in Australia John Forrest
Destruction and Reconstruction: Richard Taylor

a place where tents, cabins, or other temporary structures are erected for the use of military troops, for training soldiers, etc
the military life
tents, cabins, etc, used as temporary lodgings by a group of travellers, holiday-makers, Scouts, etc
the group of people living in such lodgings
(South African) a field or paddock fenced off as pasture
a group supporting a given doctrine or theory: the socialist camp
(Austral) a place where sheep or cattle gather to rest
(modifier) suitable for use in temporary quarters, on holiday, etc, esp by being portable and easy to set up: a camp bed, a camp chair
(intransitive) often foll by down. to establish or set up a camp
(intransitive) often foll by out. to live temporarily in or as if in a tent
(transitive) to put in a camp
effeminate; affected in mannerisms, dress, etc
consciously artificial, exaggerated, vulgar, or mannered; self-parodying, esp when in dubious taste
(transitive) to perform or invest with a camp quality
camp it up

to seek to focus attention on oneself by making an ostentatious display, overacting, etc
to flaunt one’s homosexuality

a camp quality, style, etc
Walter (Chauncey). 1859–1925, US sportsman and administrator; he introduced new rules to American football, which distinguished it from rugby.

: a camp bar/ the camp scene
: a camp advertisement/ camp clothing

A male homosexual (1940s+ Homosexuals)
Effeminate behavior, such as mincing gait, fluttering gestures, or pronounced lisp (1920s+ Homosexuals)
Something, esp in art, decoration, theater, etc, so naively stylized, artificial, affected, old-fashioned, and inadequate to good modern taste as to be highly amusing and inviting to parody: television’s inexhaustible supply of crash courses in camp (1960s+)

(also camp it up): Malcolm was camping perilously in the blue-collar bar
(also camp it up) To behave in a humorously affected, exaggerated way, esp imitating the acting and oratorical styles of the 1800s: She started camping, vamping me like Theda Bara (1960s+)

cyclic adenosine monophosphate
continuous air monitoring program
cyclophosphamide doxorubicin methotrexate procarbazine

camp follower
camp it up
camp out


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