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campaign finance reform

Contemporary Examples

Just What We Needed: More Campaign Spending Mark McKinnon December 7, 2014
Federal Campaign Funds: Easier Money Stuart Stevens April 1, 2014
Bob Kerrey Interview: Nebraska Senate Race & More Lloyd Grove March 21, 2012
Just What We Needed: More Campaign Spending Mark McKinnon December 7, 2014
Can New York Democrat Zephyr Teachout Stop Governor Andrew Cuomo? David Freedlander August 17, 2014
Political Corporate Contributions Won’t Be Aired in Daylight Adam Winkler December 4, 2013
George Takei Sets Phasers to Reform Tim Mak July 14, 2014


Read Also:

  • Campaign-fund

    money for a campaign, as of a political candidate, usually acquired through contributions by supporters. Contemporary Examples Why Bloomberg’s Latest Gun Gambit Probably Won’t Work David Freedlander June 19, 2013

  • Campaign-furniture

    furniture, as chests or desks, having metal hinges on the corners and handles on the sides.

  • Campaign-hat

    a felt hat with a broad, stiff brim and four dents in the crown, formerly worn by personnel in the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. a hat resembling this, worn as part of a uniform by forest rangers, state troopers, boy scouts, and other groups.

  • Campaign-medal

    service medal. a medal awarded for performance of specified service, usually in time of war or national emergency.

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