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wild lily of the valley.


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  • Canada-moonseed

    a vine, Menispermum canadense, of eastern North America, having variable leaves and black, grapelike fruit.

  • Canada-thistle

    an Old World plant, Cirsium arvense, having small purple or white flower heads, now a troublesome weed in North America. Historical Examples Seed Dispersal William J. Beal noun the US and Canadian name for creeping thistle

  • Canada-turpentine

    Canada balsam. a pale yellow or greenish, slightly fluorescent, clear, viscous, bitter-tasting, water-insoluble liquid, having a pleasant, aromatic, pinelike odor, and solidifying on exposure to air: obtained from the balsam fir, Abies balsamea, and used chiefly for mounting objects on microscope slides, in the manufacture of fine lacquers, and as a cement for lenses. noun […]

  • Canadarm

    an electromechanical extension of a spacecraft that is used to retrieve or deploy objects in outer space. noun a type of robotic arm, developed in Canada, used on space vehicles

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