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an act of canceling.
the marks or perforations made in canceling.
something canceled, as a reservation for a hotel room, airplane ticket, allowing someone else to obtain the accommodation.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

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the fact or an instance of cancelling
something that has been cancelled, such as a theatre ticket, esp when it is available for another person to take: we have a cancellation in the stalls
the marks or perforation made by cancelling


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  • Canceled

    to make void; revoke; annul: to cancel a reservation. to decide or announce that a planned event will not take place; call off: to cancel a meeting. to mark or perforate (a postage stamp, admission ticket, etc.) so as to render invalid for reuse. to neutralize; counterbalance; compensate for: His sincere apology canceled his sarcastic […]

  • Canceled-check

    a check that has been redeemed by a bank and then usually returned to the issuer.

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