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a person who seeks an office, honor, etc.:
a candidate for governor.
a person who is selected by others as a contestant for an office, honor, etc.
a person who is deserving of or seems destined for a certain end or fate:
Such a reckless spender is a candidate for the poorhouse.
a student studying for a degree:
Candidates for the B.A. will have to meet certain minimum requirements.
to become a candidate for service as a new minister of a church; preach before a congregation that is seeking a new minister.
Historical Examples

Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 107, December 22, 1894 Various
The Patrician John Galsworthy
The Research Magnificent H. G. Wells
The Patrician John Galsworthy
Memoirs of the Duchesse De Dino Duchesse De Dino
Sentimental Education, Volume II Gustave Flaubert
The Canadian Portrait Gallery Volume 3 John Charles Dent
The Story of the Upper Canada Rebellion, Volume 1 John Charles Dent
Lord Randolph Churchill Winston Spencer Churchill
The Prime Minister Anthony Trollope

a person seeking or nominated for election to a position of authority or honour or selection for a job, promotion, etc
a person taking an examination or test
a person or thing regarded as suitable or likely for a particular fate or position: this wine is a candidate for his cellar


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