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a stick or short staff used to assist one in walking; walking stick.
a long, hollow or pithy, jointed woody stem, as that of bamboo, rattan, sugar cane, and certain palms.
a plant having such a stem.
split rattan woven or interlaced for chair seats, wickerwork, etc.
any of several tall bamboolike grasses, especially of the genus Arundinaria, as A. gigantea (cane reed, large cane, giant cane, or southern cane) and A. tecta (small cane or switch cane) of the southern U.S.
the stem of a raspberry or blackberry.
a rod used for flogging.
a slender cylinder or rod, as of sealing wax or glass.
to flog with a cane.
to furnish or make with cane:
to cane chairs.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

Stevensoniana Various
Chip, of the Flying U B. M. Bower
Johnny Ludlow. First Series Mrs. Henry Wood
Little Dorrit Charles Dickens
Behind the Scenes in Warring Germany Edward Lyell Fox


the long jointed pithy or hollow flexible stem of the bamboo, rattan, or any similar plant
any plant having such a stem

strips of such stems, woven or interlaced to make wickerwork, the seats and backs of chairs, etc
(as modifier): a cane chair

the woody stem of a reed, young grapevine, blackberry, raspberry, or loganberry
any of several grasses with long stiff stems, esp Arundinaria gigantea of the southeastern US
a flexible rod with which to administer a beating as a punishment, as to schoolboys
a slender rod, usually wooden and often ornamental, used for support when walking; walking stick
See sugar cane
a slender rod or cylinder, as of glass
verb (transitive)
to whip or beat with or as if with a cane
to make or repair with cane
(informal) to defeat: we got well caned in the match
(slang) cane it, to do something with great power, force, or speed or consume something such as alcohol in large quantities: you can do it in ten minutes if you really cane it
(dialect) a female weasel


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