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a covering, usually of fabric, supported on poles or suspended above a bed, throne, exalted personage, or sacred object.
an overhanging projection or covering, as a long canvas awning stretching from the doorway of a building to a curb.
an ornamental, rooflike projection or covering.
Also called crown canopy, crown cover. the cover formed by the leafy upper branches of the trees in a forest.
the sky.
the part of a parachute that opens up and fills with air, usually made of nylon or silk.
the transparent cover over the cockpit of an airplane.
to cover with or as with a canopy:
Branches canopied the road.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

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noun (pl) -pies
an ornamental awning above a throne or bed or held over a person of importance on ceremonial occasions
a rooflike covering over an altar, niche, etc
a roofed structure serving as a sheltered passageway or area
a large or wide covering, esp one high above: the sky was a grey canopy
the nylon or silk hemisphere that forms the supporting surface of a parachute
the transparent cover of an aircraft cockpit
the highest level of branches and foliage in a forest, formed by the crowns of the trees
verb -pies, -pying, -pied
(transitive) to cover with or as if with a canopy


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