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a city in E Kent, in SE England: cathedral; early ecclesiastical center of England.
a municipality in E New South Wales, in SE Australia: a part of Sydney.
Historical Examples

Biographia Scoticana (Scots Worthies) John Howie

noun (antiques) (pl) -buries
a late 18th-century low wooden stand with partitions for holding cutlery and plates: often mounted on casters
a similar 19th-century stand used for holding sheet music, music books, or magazines
a city in SE England, in E Kent: starting point for St Augustine’s mission to England (597 ad); cathedral where St Thomas à Becket was martyred (1170); seat of the archbishop and primate of England; seat of the University of Kent (1965). Pop: 43 552 (2001) Latin name Durovernum (ˌduːrəʊˈvɜːnəm; ˌdjʊə-)
a regional council area of New Zealand, on E central South Island on Canterbury Bight: mountainous with coastal lowlands; agricultural. Chief town: Christchurch. Pop: 520 500 (2004 est). Area: 43 371 sq km (16 742 sq miles)


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