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a small territorial district, especially one of the states of the Swiss confederation.
(in a department of France) a division of an arrondissement.
Heraldry. a square area in the dexter chief, or right-hand corner, of an escutcheon, often distinctively treated: a diminutive of the dexter chief quarter.
Architecture. a pilaster or similar feature projecting from the corner of a building.
Obsolete. a division, part, or portion of anything.
to divide into parts or portions.
to divide into cantons or territorial districts.
to allot quarters to (soldiers, troops, etc.).
Also called Kwangchow, Guangzhou, Kuangchou. Older Spelling. a seaport in and the capital of Guangdong province, in SE China, on the Zhu Jiang.
a city in NE Ohio: location of the football Hall of Fame.
a city in E Massachusetts.
a city in W central Illinois.
a town in central Mississippi.
a province in SE China. 89,344 sq. mi. (231,401 sq. km).
Capital: Canton.
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noun (ˈkæntɒn; kænˈtɒn)
any of the 23 political divisions of Switzerland
a subdivision of a French arrondissement
(heraldry) (ˈkæntən). a small square or oblong charge on a shield, usually in the top left corner
(transitive) (kænˈtɒn). to divide into cantons
(kənˈtuːn). (esp formerly) to allocate accommodation to (military personnel)
(kænˈtɒn). a port in SE China, capital of Guangdong province, on the Zhu Jiang (Pearl River): the first Chinese port open to European trade. Pop: 3 881 000 (2005 est) Chinese names Guangzhou, Kwangchow
(ˈkæntən). a city in the US, in NE Ohio. Pop: 80 806 (2000)
a province of SE China, on the South China Sea: includes the Leizhou Peninsula, with densely populated river valleys; traditionally also including Macao and Hong Kong; the only true tropical climate in China. Capital: Canton. Pop: 79 540 000 (2003 est). Area: 197 100 sq km (76 100 sq miles)


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