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to solicit votes, subscriptions, opinions, or the like from.
to examine carefully; investigate by inquiry; discuss; debate.
to solicit votes, opinions, or the like.
a soliciting of votes, orders, or the like.
a campaign for election to government office.
close inspection; scrutiny.
Contemporary Examples

A Letter Found Taped to Mailboxes in Suburban Wisconsin Rachel Hulin October 23, 2008
Text In to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims Nina Strochlic November 15, 2012
Florida Union Marchers Take on the GOP Lynn Waddell August 29, 2012
Is Big Money Politics an Overblown Evil? David Freedlander August 1, 2014
The Book of Mormon: A Novel Alex Beam March 13, 2013

Historical Examples

Beauchamp’s Career, Complete George Meredith
Tales And Novels, Volume 5 (of 10) Maria Edgeworth
The Iron Puddler James J. Davis
Cap’n Dan’s Daughter Joseph C. Lincoln
The Building of a Book Various

to solicit votes, orders, advertising, etc, from
to determine the feelings and opinions of (voters before an election, etc), esp by conducting a survey
to investigate (something) thoroughly, esp by discussion or debate
(mainly US) to inspect (votes) officially to determine their validity
a solicitation of opinions, votes, sales orders, etc
close inspection; scrutiny


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