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Historical Examples

The Electronic Mind Reader John Blaine
Blow The Man Down Holman Day
The Electronic Mind Reader John Blaine
Field and Forest Oliver Optic
Sky Island L. Frank Baum
Rita Laura E. Richards
The Skipper and the Skipped Holman Day
Country Neighbors Alice Brown
The Return of the Native Thomas Hardy
The Red Acorn John McElroy


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    capital letters. (in prescriptions) a capsule. a close-fitting covering for the head, usually of soft supple material and having no visor or brim. a brimless head covering with a visor, as a baseball cap. mobcap. a headdress denoting rank, occupation, religious order, or the like: a nurse’s cap. mortarboard (def 2). Mathematics. the symbol ∩, […]

  • Cap-and-trade

    adjective (prenominal) denoting a scheme which allows companies with high greenhouse gas emissions to buy an emission allowance from companies which have fewer emissions, in a bid to reduce the overall impact to the environment Contemporary Examples Obama’s Climate-Change Hypocrisy Josh Dzieza September 27, 2011 The Lawmaker Betting His Career on Obama Samuel P. Jacobs […]

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    the red cloak of a bullfighter, used chiefly in attracting the attention of the bull and guiding the course of its attack. Robert (Andrei Friedmann) 1913–54, U.S. photographer, born in Hungary. Contemporary Examples Libya War Photographers’ Final Hours David A. Graham April 20, 2011 Capa in Color Justin Jones January 30, 2014 Newsweek’s Liohn Roars […]

  • Capabilities

    the quality of being capable; capacity; ability: His capability was unquestionable. the ability to undergo or be affected by a given treatment or action: the capability of glass in resisting heat. Usually, capabilities. qualities, abilities, features, etc., that can be used or developed; potential: Though dilapidated, the house has great capabilities. Contemporary Examples Airstrikes Against […]

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