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having power and ability; efficient; competent:
a capable instructor.
capable of,

having the ability or capacity for:
a man capable of judging art.
open to the influence or effect of; susceptible of:
a situation capable of improvement.
predisposed to; inclined to:
capable of murder.

Historical Examples

The Gambler Katherine Cecil Thurston
The Heart of Rachael Kathleen Norris
Sally of Missouri R. E. Young
Langford of the Three Bars Kate Boyles
The History of the Confederate War, Its Causes and Its Conduct, Volume II (of 2) George Cary Eggleston
Betty Gordon in Washington Alice B. Emerson
The History of Cuba, vol. 2 Willis Fletcher Johnson
Kai Lung’s Golden Hours Ernest Bramah
Our Schools in War Time—and After Arthur Davis Dean
Mount Music E. Oe. Somerville and Martin Ross

having ability, esp in many different fields; competent
(postpositive) foll by of. able or having the skill (to do something): she is capable of hard work
(postpositive) foll by of. having the temperament or inclination (to do something): he seemed capable of murder


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