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the ability to receive or contain:
This hotel has a large capacity.
the maximum amount or number that can be received or contained; cubic contents; volume:
The inn is filled to capacity. The gasoline tank has a capacity of 20 gallons.
power of receiving impressions, knowledge, etc.; mental ability:
the capacity to learn calculus.
actual or potential ability to perform, yield, or withstand:
He has a capacity for hard work. The capacity of the oil well was 150 barrels a day. She has the capacity to go two days without sleep.
quality or state of being susceptible to a given treatment or action:
Steel has a high capacity to withstand pressure.
position; function; role:
He served in the capacity of legal adviser.
legal qualification.

maximum possible output.

reaching maximum capacity:
a capacity audience; a capacity crowd.
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noun (pl) -ties
the ability or power to contain, absorb, or hold
the amount that can be contained; volume: a capacity of six gallons

the maximum amount something can contain or absorb (esp in the phrase filled to capacity)
(as modifier): a capacity crowd

the ability to understand or learn; aptitude; capability: he has a great capacity for Greek
the ability to do or produce (often in the phrase at capacity): the factory’s output was not at capacity
a specified position or function: he was employed in the capacity of manager
a measure of the electrical output of a piece of apparatus such as a motor, generator, or accumulator
(electronics) a former name for capacitance

the number of words or characters that can be stored in a particular storage device
the range of numbers that can be processed in a register

the bit rate that a communication channel or other system can carry
legal competence: the capacity to make a will


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