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Cape, a cape in S Chile, on the Strait of Magellan: southernmost point of mainland South America.
(archaic) obstinate; contrary


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  • Cape-girardeau

    a city in SE Missouri, on the Mississippi River.

  • Cape-glossa

    Cape, a promontory in SW Albania. noun (pl) -sae (-siː), -sas (anatomy) a technical word for the tongue a paired tonguelike lobe in the labium of an insect

  • Cape-of-good-hope

    a cape in S Africa, in the SW Republic of South Africa. Also called Cape Province. Formerly Cape Colony. a province in the Republic of South Africa. 277,169 sq. mi. (717,868 sq. km). Capital: Cape Town. Cape of Good Hope. noun a cape in SW South Africa south of Cape Town

  • Cape-gooseberry

    a tropical American plant, Physalis peruviana, of the nightshade family, having heart-shaped, hairy leaves, purple-throated pale yellow flowers, and edible, yellow berries enclosed in an inflated calyx. noun another name for strawberry tomato

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