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Cape, a cape at the SE extremity of Newfoundland.
a contest of speed, as in running, swimming, driving, riding, etc
any competition or rivalry: the race for the White House
rapid or constant onward movement: the race of time
a rapid current of water, esp one through a narrow channel that has a tidal range greater at one end than the other
a channel of a stream, esp one for conducting water to or from a water wheel or other device for utilizing its energy: a mill race

a channel or groove that contains ball bearings or roller bearings or that restrains a sliding component
the inner or outer cylindrical ring in a ball bearing or roller bearing

(Austral & NZ) a narrow passage or enclosure in a sheep yard through which sheep pass individually, as to a sheep dip
(Austral) a wire tunnel through which footballers pass from the changing room onto a football field
(NZ) a line of containers coupled together, used in mining to transport coal
another name for slipstream (sense 1)
(archaic) the span or course of life
(Austral, informal) not in the race, given or having no chance
to engage in a contest of speed with (another)
to engage (oneself or one’s representative) in a race, esp as a profession or pastime: to race pigeons
to move or go as fast as possible
to run (an engine, shaft, propeller, etc) or (of an engine, shaft, propeller, etc) to run at high speed, esp after reduction of the load or resistance
a group of people of common ancestry, distinguished from others by physical characteristics, such as hair type, colour of eyes and skin, stature, etc. Principal races are Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid
the human race, human beings collectively
a group of animals or plants having common characteristics that distinguish them from other members of the same species, usually forming a geographically isolated group; subspecies
a group of people sharing the same interests, characteristics, etc: the race of authors
(informal) play the race card, to introduce the subject of race into a public discussion, esp to gain a strategic advantage
a ginger root
Cape Race, a cape at the SE extremity of Newfoundland, Canada

Just being a Negro doesn’t qualify you to understand the race situation any more than being sick makes you an expert on medicine. [Dick Gregory, 1964]

In mid-20c. U.S. music catalogues, “Negro.” Klein suggests these derive from Arabic ra’s “head, beginning, origin” (cf. Hebrew rosh). Old English þeode meant both “race, folk, nation” and “language;” as a verb, geþeodan, it meant “to unite, to join.”



rat race
slow but sure (steady wins the race)


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