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to write or print in capital letters letters or with an initial capital.
to authorize a certain amount of stocks and bonds in the corporate charter of:
to capitalize a corporation.
to issue stock as a dividend, thereby capitalizing retained earnings, or as settlement of an unpaid arrearage of preferred dividends.
Accounting. to set up (expenditures) as business assets in the books of account instead of treating as expense.
to supply with capital.
to estimate the value of (a stock or an enterprise).
to take advantage of; turn something to one’s advantage (often followed by on):
to capitalize on one’s opportunities.
verb (mainly transitive)
(intransitive) foll by on. to take advantage (of); profit (by)
to write or print (text) in capital letters or with the first letter of (a word or words) in capital letters
to convert (debt or retained earnings) into capital stock
to authorize (a business enterprise) to issue a specified amount of capital stock
to provide with capital
(accounting) to treat (expenditures) as assets

to estimate the present value of (a periodical income)
to compute the present value of (a business) from actual or potential earnings



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