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any of various devices for a guitar, lute, banjo, etc., that when clamped or screwed down across the strings at a given fret will raise each string a corresponding number of half tones.
the nut of a guitar, lute, banjo, etc.
the chief of a branch of the Mafia.
Contemporary Examples

Meet Tony Zerilli, the Mobster Behind This Jimmy Hoffa Dig Michael Daly June 18, 2013
‘Mob Wives’ Courtroom Drama Exposes Rat, But Protects Jury Michael Daly March 11, 2014
Eliot Spitzer: Busting CEOs on Insider Trading Is the Tough Job Daniel Gross November 28, 2012

Historical Examples

A Love Story A Bushman
Cyprus Franz von Lher
Venice and its Story Thomas Okey
Venice and its Story Thomas Okey
The Portrait of a Lady Henry James
“Persons Unknown” Virginia Tracy
Rome Mildred Anna Rosalie Tuker

noun (pl) -pos
a device fitted across all the strings of a guitar, banjo, etc, so as to raise the pitch of each string simultaneously Also called capo tasto (ˈkæpəʊ ˈtæstəʊ) Compare barré
noun (pl) -pos
the presumed title of a Mafia leader


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