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a long lever for turning a capstan by hand.
Historical Examples

Into these the bread was pressed by beating it to powder with a capstan-bar.
Ocean’s Story; or Triumphs of Thirty Centuries Edward Rowland

Madison Washington struck at him with a capstan-bar, and he fell dead at his feet.
The Freedmen’s Book Lydia Maria Child

Whereupon Kirkwood backed warily to the rail, abandoned the capstan-bar and dropped over the side.
The Black Bag Louis Joseph Vance

With an animal-like scream of rage, a Malay sprang from the capstan-bar where he had been sweating.
Cursed George Allan England

First one that raises a hand off a capstan-bar, drill him through the head.
Cursed George Allan England

An obsolete sea-punishment, in which the offender was sentenced to carry a capstan-bar during a watch.
The Sailor’s Word-Book William Henry Smyth

“Here, let me come,” cried Dumlow, limping up with his capstan-bar.
Sail Ho! George Manville Fenn

Soon I had two of the enemy backed up to the forehatch, and before their worryin’ eyes I flourishes my capstan-bar.
Sonnie-Boy’s People James B. Connolly

Nor did I ever have a headache except the time my head was healing after having been laid open for six inches by a capstan-bar.
The Sea-Wolf Jack London

And if y’ever handled one you know what a great little persuader a capstan-bar is.
Sonnie-Boy’s People James B. Connolly

a lever, often wooden, for turning a capstan


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