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enclosed in or formed into a capsule.
within or formed into a capsule


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  • Capsule

    Pharmacology. a gelatinous case enclosing a dose of medicine. Biology. a membranous sac or integument. either of two strata of white matter in the cerebrum. the sporangium of various spore-producing organisms, as ferns, mosses, algae, and fungi. Botany. a dry dehiscent fruit, composed of two or more carpels. a small case, envelope, or covering. Also […]

  • Capsule endoscope

    noun See video pill

  • Capsule forceps

    capsule forceps capsule forceps n. A fine strong forceps for removing the capsule of the lens in extracapsular extraction of cataract. Historical Examples The blades of the capsule forceps are then inserted closed, opened, and the opaque capsule grasped and withdrawn from the eye. A System of Operative Surgery, Volume IV (of 4) Various (a) […]

  • Capsule range

    noun a small range of clothes by a particular designer, intended to be representative of the full range Contemporary Examples From backless tees to side-less dresses, the capsule range seems to be filled with free-and-easy items. Sneak Preview of Rihanna’s Bra-less Fashions, Tom Ford Creator of Justin Timberlake’s Suit and Ties The Fashion Beast Team […]

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