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Captain cooker

(NZ) a wild pig


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    captain crunch 1. (“Cap’n Crunch”) An early 1970s hacker/phreaker/phacker who used a free whistle included with “Cap’n Crunch” breakfast cereal to fake pay phone system tones and make large quantities of free phone calls. Also alludes to “crunch”. (http://well.com/user/crunch/). 2. (After the above) wardialer. 3. Reportedly, a program which crashes a computer by overloading the […]

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    the head of a large business firm, especially of an industrial complex.

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    (Kintpuash) 1837?–73, Modoc leader.

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    Frederick Albert, 1865–1940, U.S. physician and polar explorer. George Cram [kram] /kræm/ (Show IPA), 1873–1924, U.S. novelist, dramatist, and poet. Captain James, 1728–79, English navigator and explorer in the S Pacific, Antarctic Ocean, and along the coasts of Australia and New Zealand. Sir Joseph, 1860–1947, Australian statesman, born in England: prime minister 1913–14. Mount. Also […]

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