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Captive balloon


a lighter-than-air balloon secured to the ground by a tether, often used for military exercises
Historical Examples

I painted this picture of the battle of the Aisne from a captive balloon.
The New York Times Current History: the European War, February, 1915 Various

The racing was uninteresting, and presently Angela suggested that we should go up in the captive balloon.
Bunch Grass Horace Annesley Vachell

Astern of the cruiser is another destroyer, which tows the captive balloon at the end of a very light but strong steel wire.
Our Navy in the War Lawrence Perry

A captive balloon established on Montmartre from which to observe the movements of the enemy.
Recollections of Thirty-nine Years in the Army Charles Alexander Gordon

It is like being in a captive balloon, except that the connecting cable extends stiffly upward instead of downward.
Astounding Stories of Super-Science September 1930 Various

A captive balloon and six hostile aeroplanes were brought down.
The Story of the Great War, Volume VIII (of VIII) various

One day they went up in a captive balloon at a fair, and the restraining cable broke.
Ned Wilding’s Disappearance Allen Chapman

Four hostile aeroplanes and a captive balloon were brought down.
The Story of the Great War, Volume VIII (of VIII) various

Every hill, tree-top, church spire, tall building and captive balloon watched every move of the enemy and reported it.
America’s War for Humanity Thomas Herbert Russell

In a high wind a large kite is used in place of a captive balloon.
The Story of Great Inventions Elmer Ellsworth Burns


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