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variants of carbine (sense 2)


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  • Carabineer

    carbineer. Historical Examples The same shell killed eleven horses in the carabineer lines. Four Months Besieged H. H. S. Pearse And she sighed as she looked up at the picture of her carabineer. The History of Pendennis William Makepeace Thackeray This carabineer in disguise was very good-humoured, and kept me company as far as Novara. […]

  • Carabiner

    a D -shaped ring with a spring catch on one side, used for fastening ropes in mountaineering. Contemporary Examples The carabiner is a D-shaped metal clamp that has a gate that opens and closes. Thrills and Too Many Spills: The Dangers of the Circus Marina Watts May 4, 2014 noun a variant spelling of karabiner

  • Carabinero

    an officer of the revenue service. a frontier guard. carbineer. (in the Philippines) a coast-guard officer. Historical Examples A carabinero, with his back ostentatiously turned to the newcomers, leaned on his rifle, whistling mournfully. The Recipe for Diamonds Charles John Cutcliffe Wright Hyne But the carabinero who guards the public morals holds (in the bulk) […]

  • Carabinier

    carbineer. (formerly) a soldier armed with a carbine. noun variants of carbineer noun (formerly) a soldier equipped with a carbine n. “mounted soldier armed with a carbine,” 1670s, from French carabinier (17c.), from carabine “carbine” (see carbine). Italian carabinieri “soldiers serving as a police force” is the same word.

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