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a member of the Italian national police force, organized as a military unit and charged with maintaining public security and order as well as assisting local police.
Contemporary Examples

The carabinieri had to remove me from a rooftop party in Rome once.
Gary Shteyngart: How I Write Noah Charney December 25, 2012

Two carabinieri fell to the cobblestone piazza in a pool of blood.
Two Police Shot Outside PM’s Office as New Italian Government Sworn In Barbie Latza Nadeau April 27, 2013

Historical Examples

Perform your duty by sending the carabinieri to arrest me for not serving on the jury.
The Saint Antonio Fogazzaro

Because of this the carabinieri took him to the military headquarters.
The Birth of Yugoslavia, Volume 2 Henry Baerlein

The man slunk away, to be arrested later by the carabinieri.
William Sharp (Fiona Macleod) Elizabeth A. Sharp

In the harbour were some carabinieri, as well as our escorting destroyer.
The Birth of Yugoslavia, Volume 2 Henry Baerlein

carabinieri and tableaux and conjugal reunion; it was too much to be crowded all into one night.
The Lure of the Mask Harold MacGrath

It seems that these carabinieri have remark-able memories; the old affair.
The Lure of the Mask Harold MacGrath

The guests entered by the side door nearest the Uffizi, and carabinieri kept the way clear.
Olive in Italy Moray Dalton

The fat soldier came forward, he was the chief of the carabinieri.
Sea and Sardinia D. H. Lawrence

noun (pl) -ri (-ri)
an Italian national policeman

“Italian police” (plural), from Italian carabinieri, plural of carabiniere, from French carabinier (see carabineer).


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