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one of an Asian breed of sheep having curly fleece that is black in the young and brown or gray in the adult: raised especially for lambskins used in the fur industry.
Compare broadtail, Persian lamb.
(sometimes lowercase) a Karakul lambskin.
Historical Examples

Fingal was about to marry her when he was called to oppose caracul, who had invaded Caledonia.
Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama, Vol 1 The Rev. E. Cobham Brewer, LL.D.

Also called Persian lamb. the black loosely curled fur obtained from the skins of newly born lambs of the karakul sheep
a variant spelling of karakul
a breed of sheep of central Asia having coarse black, grey, or brown hair: the lambs have soft curled usually black hair
the fur prepared from these lambs


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