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another name for urea

carbamide car·ba·mide (kär’bə-mīd’, kär-bām’ĭd)
See urea.


Read Also:

  • Carbamidine

    guanidine. noun another name for guanidine

  • Carbamino compound

    carbamino compound carbamino compound carb·a·mi·no compound (kär’bə-mē’nō, kär-bām’ə-nō) n. Any of various carbamic acid derivatives formed by the combination of carbon dioxide with an amino acid or a protein, such as hemoglobin forming carbaminohemoglobin.

  • Carbaminohemoglobin

    carbaminohemoglobin carbaminohemoglobin carb·a·mi·no·he·mo·glo·bin (kär’bə-mē’nō-hē’mə-glō’bĭn, kär-bām’ə-nō-) n. A compound of carbon dioxide and hemoglobin, which is one of the forms in which carbon dioxide exists in the blood.

  • Carbamoyl

    carbamoyl carbamoyl (kär-bām’ō-ĭl’) The radical NH2CO, derived from carbamic acid.

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