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Carbon copy

a duplicate of anything written or typed, made by using a photocopier or, formerly, by using carbon paper.
Abbreviation: cc.
a copy of an email or other electronic document that is sent to one or more people in addition to the primary addressee.
Abbreviation: cc.

a near or exact duplicate of a given person or thing; replica:
She’s a carbon copy of her mother.
Contemporary Examples

As the Brazilian-born son of German immigrants, Franco says he was too much of a carbon copy of Benedict.
Conspiracy Theories Behind Pope Francis’s Election Barbie Latza Nadeau March 13, 2013

Then, in an Israeli archive, I came across a carbon copy of the original directive.
Draw the Line: How Israel Erases Itself Gershom Gorenberg March 25, 2012

In almost every other way, St. Francisville is a carbon copy of Sutton and thousands of other small towns across rural America.
How ‘The Little Way of Ruthie Leming’ Taught Me It’s OK to Love My Hometown Justin Green April 9, 2013

And voters would learn quickly that the former Florida governor is no carbon copy of his father and brother.
Tea Party to Jeb Bush: Don’t Tread On Us David Freedlander April 7, 2014

Historical Examples

As soon as she has typed this it is given to Mr. MacFurdle’s secretary, and a carbon copy is put in the files.
Of All Things Robert C. Benchley

But make the carbon copy just the sameand dont let them catch you at it.
Dorothy Dixon and the Double Cousin Dorothy Wayne

The next document is a carbon copy of a letter dated August 8, 1962, with the typewritten signature of John de Menil.
Warren Commission (9 of 26): Hearings Vol. IX (of 15) The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy

I do not have it with me, but in case it is not in there, I have a carbon copy of it with all three signatures on it.
Warren Commission (7 of 26): Hearings Vol. VII (of 15) The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy

And this is a photostatic copy of what, with respect to an original, carbon copy or otherwise?
Warren Commission (1 of 26): Hearings Vol. I (of 15) The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy

The carbon copy remains permanently bound for the hospital record.
Rules and regulations governing maternity hospitals and homes … September, 1922 California. State Board of Charities and Corrections

a duplicate copy of writing, typewriting, or drawing obtained by using carbon paper Often shortened to carbon
(informal) a person or thing that is identical or very similar to another

1895, from carbon (paper) + copy (n.). A copy on paper made using carbon paper. The figurative sense is from 1944. Also as a verb, “send a carbon copy (of something),” and as such often abbreviated c.c.
A person or thing that closely resembles another, as in Our grandson is a carbon copy of his dad. Originally this term meant a copy of a document made by using carbon paper. The linguistic transfer to other kinds of duplicate survived the demise of carbon paper (replaced by photocopiers, computer printers, and other more sophisticated devices). [ c. 1870 ]


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