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pertaining to or having achieved a state in which the net amount of carbon dioxide or other carbon compounds emitted into the atmosphere is reduced to zero because it is balanced by actions to reduce or offset these emissions: Since the administration installed solar panels, the campus has become carbon neutral;
a carbon-neutral brewery.
Contemporary Examples

Google, for one, has gotten plenty of press about its four-year-old ambition to become a carbon-neutral company.
Winds of Change: Who’s Doing What in Wind? Daily Beast Promotions February 6, 2011


See carbon neutral

emitting no carbon dioxide into the atmosphere; also, employing a technique to absorb carbon dioxide so it is not emitted; also written carbon-neutral , carbonneutral

Becoming carbon neutral is usually achieved by implementing renewable energy projects that offset the amount of carbon dioxide emissions, such as planting trees which absorb CO2.
Word Origin

Usage Note

carbon neutrality, n


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