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carbonium car·bo·ni·um (kär-bō’nē-əm)
An organic cation having one less electron than a corresponding free radical and with positive charge localized on the carbon atom.


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  • Carbonium-ion

    an organic ion containing a positively charged carbon atom (opposed to carbanion). noun (chem) a positively charged organic ion in which most of the positive charge is localized on a carbon atom Compare carbanion

  • Carbonization

    formation of carbon from organic matter. coal distillation, as in coke ovens. Historical Examples If much sulphuric acid be present, it may be so concentrated by heating as to cause the carbonization of the paper. Legal Chemistry A. Naquet There are two distinct states of carbonization in illuminating gas. Great Facts Frederick C. Bakewell The […]

  • Carbonless paper

    noun a sheet of paper impregnated with dye which transfers writing or typing onto the copying surface below without the necessity for carbon pigment See carbon paper

  • Carbonnade

    a thick stew of beef, onions, herbs, etc., cooked in beer. Contemporary Examples Simmered in the Belgian beef stew known as carbonnade, a Chimay can make the broth rich with flavor and thickness. 5 Pioneering Ways to Cook with Beer Stacey Slate February 1, 2010

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