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the bivalent radical CO, occurring in acids, ketones, aldehydes, and their derivatives.


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  • Carbonylate

    to introduce the carbonyl group into (an organic compound).

  • Carbonylic

    of, relating to, or characteristic of the carbonyl group.

  • Carboprost tromethamine

    carboprost tromethamine carboprost tromethamine car·bo·prost tromethamine (kär’bō-prŏst’) n. A prostaglandin used as an abortifacient and in the treatment of refractory postpartum bleeding.

  • Carborundum

    any of various abrasives or refractories of silicon carbide, fused alumina, and other materials. Historical Examples Emery, Carborundum and alundum wheels are developed from the grindstone of the distant past. Inventors at Work George Iles The Carborundum brick was selected on account of its hardness. Concrete Construction Halbert P. Gillette Carborundum or crystolon is also […]

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