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a large glass bottle protected by basketwork or a wooden box, used especially for holding corrosive liquids.
Contemporary Examples

But in his carboy was a fresh tiger bone, acquired recently.
China Is Brewing Wine From Tiger Bones Brendon Hong July 21, 2014

Historical Examples

You won’t make any use of it to my detriment at Kenge and carboy’s or elsewhere.
Bleak House Charles Dickens

“I did not think they were quite so bold as this,” said Dr. carboy.
Down the Rhine Oliver Optic

You won’t make any use of it to my detriment, at Kenge and carboy’s or elsewhere.
Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, Vol. V, No. XXV, June, 1852 Various

“It is a very foolish movement on their part,” added Dr. carboy.
Down the Rhine Oliver Optic

If any particle of organic matter falls into a carboy of acid, it is decomposed, and imparts a dark color to the liquid.
The Practical Ostrich Feather Dyer Alexander Paul

“It is all up with us,” said Mr. carboy, the mate, as he dropped the halyard.
The Coming Wave Oliver Optic

“We will all be pious for a day or two, till carboy closes his eyes,” said Little.
Down the Rhine Oliver Optic

“I know’d it all along,” affirmed Judge carboy that night to his familiars.
The Galaxy Various

“Mr. carboy,” he said in a voice that needed roughage badly.
The Man Who Played to Lose Laurence Mark Janifer

a large glass or plastic bottle, usually protected by a basket or box, used for containing corrosive liquids such as acids

“large globular bottle covered with basketwork,” 1753, probably ultimately from Persian qarabah “large flagon.”


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