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any substance for carbureting air or a gas.


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  • Carburettor

    a device for mixing vaporized fuel with air to produce a combustible or explosive mixture, as for an internal-combustion engine. Historical Examples In starting an engine, the petrol tap is turned on, and some of the spirit allowed to run into the carburettor. The Aeroplane Claude Grahame-White and Harry Harper We just operate this geared […]

  • Carburize

    to cause to unite with carbon. to carburet. Historical Examples Bessemer’s next difficulty was to carburize his pure iron, and thus to make it into steel. Stories of Invention Edward E. Hale verb another word for carbonize (sense 2), carbonize (sense 3) (transitive) to increase the carbon content of (the surface of a low-carbon steel) […]

  • Carby

    noun (pl) -bies (Austral, informal) short for carburettor

  • Carbylamine

    (formerly) isocyanide. noun another name for isocyanide

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