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Carcinoma simplex

carcinoma simplex

carcinoma simplex carcinoma sim·plex (sĭm’plěks’)
A carcinoma that is poorly differentiated or lacks differentiation.


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  • Carcinomatosis

    a condition marked by the production of an overwhelming number of carcinomas throughout the body. noun (pathol) a condition characterized by widespread dissemination of carcinomas or by a carcinoma that affects a large area Also called carcinosis (ˌkɑːsɪˈnəʊsɪs) carcinomatosis car·ci·no·ma·to·sis (kär’sə-nō’mə-tō’sĭs) n. A pathological condition characterized by the presence of carcinomas that have metastasized to […]

  • Carcinomatous

    a malignant and invasive epithelial tumor that spreads by metastasis and often recurs after excision; cancer. Historical Examples The presence of these symptoms is presumptively indicative of gastric disease, usually ulcerous or carcinomatous. A System of Practical Medicine By American Authors, Vol. II Various carcinomatous Uterus removed eighteen and a half years subsequent to Double […]

  • Carcinomatous myopathy

    carcinomatous myopathy carcinomatous myopathy n. See Lambert-Eaton syndrome.

  • Carcinophobia

    noun a fear of getting cancer; also called cancerphobia , cancerophobia See cancerophobia Word Origin carcino- ‘cancer’ carcinophobia car·ci·no·pho·bi·a (kär’sə-nō-fō’bē-ə) n. Variant of cancerophobia.

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