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Card in

Sign in to one’s place of business by use of a magnetic card, as in I told him I’d card in for him if he was late tomorrow. Similarly, card out means to sign out of one’s place of business, as in I want to sneak out early, so could you please card out for me at the end of the day? This term arose in the 1940s with the invention of automated check-in systems.


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  • Card-index

    a file or catalog consisting of cards on which information has been entered so that desired items or data can be readily found. Historical Examples In came his shorthand clerks, typewriter, card-index, and books on system. John Brown Captain R. W. Campbell At the end he made a note in his card-index and wrote out […]

  • Card-key

    a small plastic card with magnetic coding that is read electronically when inserted into a scanner and used in place of a key to open locks, hotel doors, etc.

  • Cardmember

    a person authorized to use a particular credit card. noun a person having a particular credit card

  • Cardplayer

    a person who plays cards. Historical Examples Yes, but through suppositions one arrives at the fact, responded the cardplayer, whose eyes glowed like burning coals. The Hero of the People Alexandre Dumas

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